About us

We are a manufacturer of the highest quality heating elements and low-temperature flexible heaters. Our Company has been in existence since 1989. Currently our factory is near the Kraków city where we produce a wide range of heating elements.

We supply:
-Tubular heaters for water, air and other liquids and gasses that are applied in household heating and cooling equipment.
-Finned heaters for air conditioning equipment, baking ovens and heating chambers etc.
-Flexible heaters for low-temperature heating systems, electric towel rails, defrosting systems etc.

For more than 20 years we have specialised in manufacturing thermostatically controlled heating elements for towel rails and column / aluminium radiators. In the last three years we broadened our portfolio with the Home Plus system. Following the idea of the smart home, we design and manufacture new Wi-FI heaters for towel and column radiators which can be controlled by a smartphone.

For industrial needs we also offer cartridge heaters, clamp heaters and infrared options.
We offer our technical support and experience in the field of design and manufacture of heating elements for new appliances.

Heatpol are one of the largest manufacturers of heating elements for industry and for household appliances in Poland. Our products are available in most of Europe. We make every effort to produce the highest quality heating elements.

The Certificates of Polish Centre For Testing and Certification (PCBC Warsaw), and other certifying institutions confirm that our products comply with all obligatory EU standards.

We invite co-operation, ensuring customer’s demands are fulfilled and solving problems concerning the change of electric energy into heat with a guarantee of satisfaction.

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