Industrial washing machines



We offer heating elements for industrial washing machines. Heating elements are encased by copper tubes and installed in orifices typically used in automatic washing machines.

General characteristics:

  • working environment: water.
  • electrical connection: flat connector.
  • supply voltage: 230 V.
  • fastening method: standard orifice for washing machines (the set includes: a seal, a clamp and a fastening screw)

We can deliver heating elements for industrial washing machines

Type Length
L max
Electrical parameters
PM2.0 240 mm 2000 W/230 V
PM2.4 260 mm 2400 W/230 V
PM3.0 300 mm 3000 W/230 V
PM4.0 345 mm 4000 W/400 V
PM2x2 330 mm 2×2000 W/230 V
PM2x3 460 mm 2×3000 W/230 V
PM3+3 460 mm 2×3000 W/400 V